Opening Hours

We are open every weekday during the Oxfordshire LEA term time; Monday to Thursday, 9am-2.45pm and Friday, 9am-12noon.

We accept children from 2 years old. Current hours for 2 year olds are 9am-12noon, or 9am-1pm (depending on availability). From 3+ years children can do morning sessions from 9am, with or without a lunch session (12noon-1pm), or stay all day to include one of our themed afternoon sessions (9am-2.45pm).

Children aged 3 & 4 are entitled to 15 free hours a week, with additional hours as required, arranged termly.

The hours of attendance should be adhered to each term and cannot be changed from week to week, although additional hours may be added on demand, if space allows.

Please do not leave your child outside your normal attendance times. Staff will not release your child to anyone without written authorisation.