Health & Safety Policy

Tummy upsets, coughs and infections seem to be an inevitable outcome of children grouping together.

If your child is unwell please keep them at home until fully recovered, or for at least 48 hours after vomiting or tummy upsets, even if they are just ‘off colour’. Children do not really enjoy themselves when feeling unwell and bugs may be passed onto others.

We kindly ask that you play it safe and let the supervisor know, either if your child is actually ill or if they has been in contact with an infectious illness, such as German Measles, Chicken Pox etc.

We would also request you do not bring your child if they have head lice, but to wait until they have been treated and the problem has been eradicated. Please also inform the preschool so that we can advise all parents to check their own children.

Child Protection Policy

In the event of your child sustaining any kind of injury during their time at Chestnut Trees Preschool, the incident will be recorded in our Accident Book and will be reported to parents / carers at the end of the session.

If your child arrives with an injury (ie. bruises, cuts, etc), please fill in the details and sign in the diary which is provided.

Under the Children Act we have a responsibility to protect children in care and we must report any incidents or suspected incidents of abuse to the Social Services department.

A file containing further policy statements is always available for parents to read. Please ask a member of staff or Chairperson if you wish to see a copy:

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